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Welcome to (Anytown) where the land’s

become freezing, bleak and awful every winter.

The people rise up in protest to stage an 

exhausting march through the sub-zero

wildernest to the Ministry of Winter and 

confront Winter himself, demanding a 

change. These unlikely rebels with their

heartfelt cause are: Mayor Goodly,Nicely,

Bazooey, Rotten, Malicious and two spunky kids named Small and Tender who save the entire project by persuading the all powerful, icy hearted Winter to bestow his great gift upon the world. It’s what makes the season full of wonderment. The Gift of Winter. Now available through Millcreek Entertainment.         

Left my animation career to pursue other modes of expression, mainly drawing, painting and writing.  Born 1937, Toronto, Canada - Canadian citizen. Worked and lived in the US since 1981. Also lived in England, Israel, Manila and Seoul.  Created and produced animated inserts for Sesame St. and other educational TV. Also worked with Disney Studios  and MARVEL Productions on Casper, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, etc. until 1992. Awarded Best Computer Animated Music Video by Billboard Magazine for Atomic Dog, (George Clinton & the Funkadelics).  Finally I understood that there was only one medium that encompasses and demands my creative energies in all modes combined.  Animation.  Story, picture, dialog, music and sound!  Happy to be back!  Now developing new shows with my partner, the incomparable James Cross.

As early as I can remember my imagination was filled with designing everything from cities, fabrics, tools and anything I thought could be improved upon. I was accused of daydreaming, and they were right. I was having a great time in my own mind. At the age of 79 I still love how my mind works, it has served me well. Over the years  Jon and I wrote and produced GOW, WNO, and various short animated films under the  Leach/Rankin name and it's great to see them being revised.  During my years teaching color and design at Sheridan University, my own artwork preference is multimedia. Along with our children and grandchildren, I collaborate with Jon on his stories.

Owner & Partner

James  pours his heart out into his work and it shows in every frame. A 20 + year veteran and a student of Cal Arts Institute, James started his professional animation career at Saban Entertainment and DIC Entertainment as a development artist helping both animation studios create successful animation series and establishing himself as a talented and diverse artist. James moved over to Fox Kids where he further honed his craft, working with several distinguished veteran producers. While at Fox Kids and Warner Brothers, James developed and directed his own projects in addition to storyboarding and designing for several established brands. He's worked for many clients including the NFL (Helped in creating  the NFL RUSHZONE), Mcdonalds, Scketchers, Olymics, Coleco, Sprout, Disney and ABC Mouse. He also is the creator of the preschool series, IT'S MONKEY TIME! where he produced and directed under his label, Semaj Entertainment.  James is passionate about giving back to his community by speaking to kids and helping young artists find their voice in animation.  He's also the father of four with his wonderful wife!

When does this guy sleep????   


Trustworthy and valiant by nature, Goodly is the leader and helping hand to the people of Anytown. Goodly is very enthusiastic and ready to make a giant speech for everything. He thinks with his heart and when he feels he's letting the town down he blames himself. But with the encouragement of his off and on love intrest Nicely, he quickly gets back on track and becomes the town hero again leading the town to victory.   

Rotten does his best to live up to his name by being a street hustling bruiser. But his bark is worse than his bite. Deep down inside he's a teddy bear. But, Who wants to get that close to a purple grizzly? 

Suger and spice is what she's all about. People around town know her from her news spot called "THE NICELY DONE NEWS" and her talk show "NICELY DONE SHOW". If you need a shoulder to cry on, it's Nicely's you can use. When she's not on the news, she's usually pumping up Goodly's ego by calling his every move a golden one. But don't let the Snow White image fool you. Nicely can get pretty nasty if you push the wrong button. But overall, She is a caring affectionate person with the heart of a lamb.  

If you think Rotten's evil, his wife is the Devil in spiked boots. Blunt and straight to the point, Malicious is ready for a fight. Her biggest fan is Rotten and the two of them go at it like cats and dogs. But they have respect for each others evil deeds. And she also is the wost cook in anytown making  nasty dishes like tuna and raisin stuffing.  

This guy is the most colorful person in town. Bazooey is a born artist , He will try anything from music to acting and he's really good at impressions. Being a college student and always broke, Bazooey takes odd jobs all over town. One of his favorites is babysitting Small and Tender and he has become the third wheel in most of the adventures they go on. 

9-year-old Small is the little boy next door we all love to greet when he throws us the paper in the morning. He is adorable and can be very affectionate with his words and actions. Sensitive by nature, Small is very protective of his big sister Tender. Action packed and moving fast is what Small is all about as he skateboards through the streets passing news papers on the target all over town. Small prides himself on never missing a porch.    

She is a very bright and opinionated 11 year old with a passion for animals and the environment. Tender will investigate any question she wants to know the answer to. She's somewhat mature for her age but is still willing to play in the sandbox with Small until the streetlights come on. The only time we ever see this mini activist angry is when she sees injustice happening, and then watch out!!! The protest signs go up and the megaphone is turned on high.    

All powerful and mighty Winter is a angry soul. He turns Anytown into a cold and bleak place to live every year  without any regards for the people living in his path. But the cries from two small children will change his heart forever.  

Brothers of the forest. One demanding the other sassy. These two help Small and Tender find there way to the Ministry of Winter and keep them safe and sound through the cold winter night.   Maple is the leader of the trees. He loves to bark orders and keeps the trees in their daily routine.  Spouse on the other hand would love to do nothing but sleep all day.  

Can't get past him without an appointment. He's tough as nails and guards the front desk at the Ministry of Winter.  

Winter would be nothing without this woman. She runs the day to day of the ministry . Making sure Winter is on time to freeze Anytown. But has a change of heart when Winter sheds his first tear and the Gift of Winter is born. 



Artwork by Cross/Rogers & Uncleporkchop Productions

All Rights Reserved. 

Copyright Leach/Rankin Productions LTD 1974

All Rights Reserved.


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